​​​We are excited to announce our third book will benefit everyone's favorite place, The Venue on 35th Street.​ 

​The Venue On 35th , a safe and welcoming space for a variety of artists, opened in March of 2007 and continues to thrive today.  Offering space, showcases and workshops for writers, singers, musicians, actors, dancers and anyone else interested in exploring their artistic talents, the Venue welcomes All Who Come In Peace!  For many of the HRAC members, Venue has been, and continues to be, a second home, church, sacred ground and the one place where we can all find mutual peace.  We have shared our heartache, our joy, our love and our loss on stage at the little red building on 35th street.  It is our honor, to say thank you and keep Venue open for the next generation of artists.  For more information on The Venue on 35th St visit http://www.thevenueon35th.com/

757 Perspectives

Volume III:  On Hallowed Ground

For more information on The Venue On 35th or to help, visit them at http://www.thevenueon35th.com/

1. ALL ARE WELCOME WHO COME IN PEACE. ​- Submit a poem about a person or group of people who have positively influenced you or your craft.

​2. FOR THE CULTURE - ​Submit poems about the value of art in your life.

​3. ON HALLOWED GROUND -​ Submit poems about places that heal your spirit.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions will be accepted until July 30, 2018 at 8pm.  Please submit a maximum of three poems in one or each of the following categories.

​Hampton Roads Artistic Collective