Why We're Doing It

​It is the unwavering goal of HRAC to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talents while supporting local non-profit organizations. This year, HRAC has chosen to support the G.R.O.W. Foundation which offers support and guidance to victims of domestic violence.

The Story of Bobby Loman

​Bobby Loman was born on April 20, 1993. For many of us, 1993 was the golden era of our age. The Camelot of a generation. 1993 was post crack epidemic, pre-heroin. It was the birth of modern hip-hop, our introduction to Nas, Wu-Tang and Lauryn.  It was the beginning of grunge, the re-emergence of classic rock.  1993 was pre-columbine. It was the age of Clinton and the mysterious super-predators safely hidden in big cities.  For many of us, 1993 is a year to be remember fondly.  For Bobby, it was the beginning of the end.

​Born to Ruth and Ben Loman, Bobby barely survived his first breath.  On the morning of April 20th, Ben delivered a vicious beating to his 7 month pregnant wife, inducing an early labor.  Realizing what he had done, Ben, rushed Ruth to Norfolk General. As her blood pressure continued to fall, doctors were forced to perform an emergency C-section.  Born two months early, Bobby weighed only 3lbs6.0oz. He barely survived, but survive he did.

​On May 11, 2011, 18 year-old Bobby, came home, little sister in tow, to find his mother dead in a back bedroom.  His father sat smoking lucky strikes, listening to the sound of Dan Rather reporting Bin Laden's death with Ruth's blood still fresh on his hands.  In that moment, young Bobby decided to be a better man.  Bobby passed on his scholarships, choosing instead to marry his high school sweetheart, join the marines and file for custody of his only sister.  He was determined to give her the father she had never had.

​Bobby Loman was an ideal soldier. He rose quickly through the ranks. His young wife, Victoria, adored him. He put his sister through university on an enlisted man's pay. He showered his children, Justice and Grace, with love. Bobby was respected. Bobby was not his father.

​In 2016, Bobby was deployed to Afghanistan.  There, he was tapped to lead marines through the dangerous city of Kunduz.  The envoy was ambushed. Bobby tried to save his troops and was rewarded with years of physical therapy, a life-long limp and a medical discharge from the one thing he'd ever excelled at. ​​ Depression descended on the Loman household with the force of a tidal wave.

​The first time Bobby hit his wife, he was sober and he meant it.  Justice wanted to play football. Victoria was supporting the household working two jobs and picking up book keeping work where she could. She told Justice to ask for a fee waiver.  Bobby raged that no child of his would ever need charity. Victoria suggested that Bobby get a job if he didn't need charity.  He responded with an open palm to her perfect brown face. She left. Bobby found work and apologized. She returned and their cycle began.

​Every time Victoria returned home, Bobby would do better.  He'd find side jobs, play catch with Justice, drive Grace to dance practice.  He'd try.  He'd also swallow handfuls of Percocet's to dull the pain that never really left his right leg.  Then, he'd find his inner Ben Loman. He'd escalate.

On August 17, 2021, ten year-old Justice came home to his mother's screams.  He went to the dining room and found his father's 9mm and killed Bobby in the back bedroom.  

How We Will Do It

​Several local producers, emcees and songwriters have generously volunteered their time and talents to coordinate this massive project.  They are creating a storyline, divided into songs and subdivided into verses.  Each emcee or singer will be assigned a verse, several verses or a song to write and record.  Emcees and singers will be given pre-selected tracks to write to, to provide a sense on continuity throughout the album.  We ask that each artists record and submit their tracks digitally to aide in simplifying the compilation process.  One engineer will be chosen to master the finished product.  We will celebrate our accomplishment in August with a album release party and benefit show, also benefitting the G.R.O.W. Foundation.

What We're Doing

​We, the musical division of HRAC, are creating a full length album.  We want to collaborate with the best singers, emcees and musicians the 757 and the world has to offer.  We will tell the story of one young man through song, following him from birth to death.

How You Can Join Us

​If you are interested and dedicated to being a part of this project, please complete the form below.   Serious artists only.

HRMC Presents: 

​The Book Of Bobby Loman